6095 - Big Dry 6060 Value Pack + 6045 Lead Refills

6095 - Big Dry 6060 Value Pack + 6045 Lead Refills

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The Refillable Carpenter Push-Pencil

Very robust and longlasting

• With lead sharpener for precise marking down to the millimeter

• Automatic lead feed at the push of a button

• Refillable with different leads, for most versatile capabilities

• Universal leads “FOR ALL”, water soluble

• Carpenter leads 2H

• Stonemason leads 10H

• All-weather leads “ANILINE 2.0”

• Summer-leads

Further product advantages:

• Unique high-tech push mechanism

• Maximum protection against dust and moisture

• For sturdy rectangular leads in 2 x 5 mm profile: ideal for marking purposes

• Precise edge guide while marking

• Extremely long marking capacity

• No more wood removal for sharpening necessary: just one push

• Always operational

• Leads are easy to refill from the back

• Equipped with FOR ALL graphite lead 2B

• Typical Pica: BIG Dry in convenient quiver cap with extra strong special clip for perfect one handed handling

• Long lasting and sustainable due to high quality product technique and refill ability

NEW: tip made of metal

The new tip made of metal is more resistant against wear.

In addition, if the lead is too short, a clearly audible scratching signals that more lead needs to be pushed out.


(1) Big Dry Longlife Mechanical Carpenter's Pencil (6060)

(1) 12 Pack Refill (4040)

(4) Universal Graphite

(4) White

(4) Red