7070 - Fine Dry Mechanical Pencil 0.9mm

7070 - Fine Dry Mechanical Pencil 0.9mm

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Pica Fine Dry

Longlife Automatic Pencil 0.9

Precision without sharpening – the mechanical pencil with a lead diameter of only 0.9mm and Lead length of only 60mm is ideal for fine and precise drawing, the push mechanism serves an automatic lead feed and has a long-lasting holding power. The practical holster made of sturdy plastic with extra-strong clip enables quick one-hand operation.

About the marker

  • Integrated, large eraser
  • Practical holster with special clip for perfect one-hand operation
  • With effective dust and moisture protection
  • High-tech push mechanism for automatic lead feed in stainless steel tube
  • Shaft with roll stop

About the leads

  • Equipped with 5 graphite refills in HB
  • All refills are temperature resistant up to 70 °C
  • The HB graphite refill is ideal for most surfaces
  • The graphite refill H enables fine markings - for highest precision
  • Available soon: refills in red & white