JOISTPRO150XP - 1 1/2" 34° Metal Connector Nailer (10P0001N)

JOISTPRO150XP - 1 1/2" 34° Metal Connector Nailer (10P0001N)

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1½" metal connector nailer ensures complete drives into the toughest substrates, including engineered lumber. The tool is fitted with a longer magazine that holds two racks of nails for less downtime and higher production rates. Our nosepiece design provides accurate nail placement into pre-punched metal connector holes. The JoistPro150MXP is compact and lightweight for easy, all-day operation.


Joist Hangers, Anchors, Straps, Metal Framing

  • Longer magazine holds more fasteners
  • Patent pending nosepiece design - leads with nail tip for accurate placement.
  • Powerful enough to drive through engineered lumber.
  • Lightweight and well-balanced.
Compatible Fasteners:

Type: 34° Metal Connector Paper Tape Heat Treated Nails
Degree: 34°
Range: 1 1/2"
Collation: 34° Angled Strip


Wrenches, Tool Oil, Safety Glasses, Plug