TB3SC - TIBONE™ III Smooth/Curve Titanium

TB3SC - TIBONE™ III Smooth/Curve Titanium

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The STILETTO® 15oz TIBONE™ III Hammer with Smooth Steel Face and 18" Curved Handle is our most powerful and most durable hammer. This 15oz full titanium hammer hits like a 28oz steel hammer, with 45% less weight and 10x less recoil shock. It is recommended for rough framing, remodeling, and pole barn construction. The TIBONE™ III features a 180° side nail puller that allows you to pull 6D-16D nails with ease and includes a magnetic nail starter.

  • 15oz Titanium Head with Steel Face Hits Like a 28oz Steel Head

  • 180⁰ Side Nail Puller - Pulls 6D-16D Nails with Ease

  • Replaceable Milled or Smooth Steel Face

  • Magnetic Nail Starter

  • Lightweight Titanium Handle Balanced to Maximize Swing

  • Durable Constructed Grip

  • Straight Claw Design

  • Ergonomic Thumb Divot in Handle for Increased Control

  • Made in USA


Length 18"
Width 6.25"
Weight of Head 15oz
Handle Type Curved
Claw Type Curved Claw
Handle Material Titanium
Face Smooth
Remodelling Yes
Framing Yes
Pole Barn Yes
Scaffolding Yes